A hurricane is a severe tropical cyclone usually with heavy rains and winds moving at 73-136 knots. Hurricanes have more than one name, typhoons. In the the Atlantic Ocean and the Eastern Pacific Ocean this storm is called a hurricane. In the western pacific, these storms are called Typhoons. Either way both storms hit land with a great impact. As a hurricane reaches land, it looses power. Although hurricanes loose power when reaching land, they still can cause great damage. When hurricanes reach land a storm surge occurs causing high flooding. Storm surges are highely dangerous because they are the most powerful part the hurricane. Hurricanes begin as a tropical depression, transform into a tropical storm, and finally result in a hurricane (stages of development).Hurricanes develop at around 5 degrees from the equator in order to cause a circulation around the eye of the storm. 
Hurricanes develop when there is some kind of atmospheric disturbance, such as a drop in pressure, higher humidity, an increase in condensation, around the side of its configuration.