Saffic- Simpson Scale

Hurricanes are usually put into different categories, depending on their strength and wind speed. These categories are known as the Saffic-Simpson Scale.

Category 1: (Minimal) 75-95 Mph, minor damage to trees, flooding
Category 2: (Moderate) 96-110 mph, ripping tiles off roofs, damaging windows, knocking down power lines

Category 3: (Extensive) 111-130 mph, considered major hurricane, tree damage, building damage plus mobile homes destroyed.
Category 4: (Extreme) 131-155 mph, severe flooding, tree plus sign damage, mobile homes destroyed.

Category 5:
(Catastrophic) 156mph, most powerful hurricane on earth, very rare, only 3 category 5 hurricanes ever happen in the US.Heavy structural damage to buildings, mobile homes, trees, signs blown down, flooding, storm surges at 18 ft or higher.